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chuck (something) in (to something)

To place, pack, or throw into a receptacle of some kind, especially hastily and/or haphazardly. My alarm didn't go off on time on the morning of my flight, so I had to just chuck all my clothes into a suitcase and run out the door. The great thing about cooking stews is you don't need a lot of precision—just chop up a bunch of meat and vegetables, and then chuck them all in!
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chuck it down

To rain heavily and constantly. Primarily heard in UK. We had great weather last week, but it's been chucking it down all weekend long.
See also: chuck, down

chuck (something) out

To throw away or dispose of something. It always annoyed me having to chuck out so much of people's food when I worked in the restaurant. I think it's about time we chuck the old clothes out.
See also: chuck, out

chuck overboard

To dispose or get rid of something or someone. Likened to throwing something over the side of a ship. In a major corporate shake-up, most of the company's upper-level management was chucked overboard at the end of the fiscal year. I know it's a really bad habit, but we just chuck our rubbish overboard when travelling on a long car journey.
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chuck a U-ie

To make a U-turn. Primarily heard in Australia. Dang it, I forgot my keys! Chuck a U-ie up ahead so I can go back and get them.
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chuck it in

Inf. to quit; to give up. (Fixed order.) I was so depressed, I almost chucked it in. If I didn't have to keep the job to pay my bills, I'd have chucked it in long ago.
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chuck someone or something away

to push or shove someone or something out of the way quickly or roughly. She chucked the children away and ran to lock the door to protect them. He chucked away his clothes in a drawer. The rock star approached, and the guard chucked the teenagers away.
See also: away, chuck

chuck someone out of some place

 and chuck someone out
to throw someone out of some place. The bouncer chucked the drunks out of the tavern. He chucks out about three drunks a night.
See also: chuck, of, out, place

chuck someone under the chin

to tap someone, as a child, lightly under the chin, as a sign of affection. He said hello to little Mary and chucked her under the chin. Please don't chuck me under the chin! I am not a child, you know!
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chuck something away

to throw something away; to dispose of something. Would you please just chuck this garbage bag away? I don't want to chuck away any paper that's been used on only one side.
See also: away, chuck

chuck something down

Sl. to eat something very quickly. Don't just chuck your food down. Enjoy it! I'll be with you as soon as I chuck down this hamburger.
See also: chuck, down

chuck something into something

 and chuck something in
to pack something into something. She chucked her clothes into the suitcase and left. Just chuck in all your clothes and let's go.
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chuck something over something

to throw something over something. Here, chuck this over the wall, and let's go. If you chuck another can over the fence, I will file a complaint.
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chuck something up

to vomit something up. Don't give chocolate to the dog. It will just chuck it up later. The dog chucked up the grass it had eaten.
See also: chuck, up


1. and chuck up in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (see also upchuck.) I think I gotta chuck! Mommy, I’m going to chuck up.
2. tv. to throw something away. Chuck this thing! It’s no good.
3. in. to eat voraciously. The two guys sat guzzling and chucking till they were full.
4. n. food. Who cooked this chuck, man? It’s garbage!
5. n. a white male. (Usually capitalized. Often a term of address or a generic for all white males. Black.) Hey, Chuck. Where do you think you are?

chuck up

See chuck
See also: chuck, up

chuck a dummy

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. Somebody chucked a dummy on the patio.
See also: chuck, dummy

chuck it in

tv. to quit; to give up. (see also throw in the towel.) If I didn’t have to keep the job to live, I’d have chucked it in long ago.
See also: chuck

chuck something down

tv. to eat something very quickly. Don’t just chuck your food down. Enjoy it!
See also: chuck, down


mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’m too chucked to drive.
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and chucks
n. a great hunger; an enormous appetite. (Usually with the.) We’ve got three impatient young boys with the chuckers! Feed ’em! Oh, man, I really got the chucks. What time is chow?


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Adjustable extensions and fixed extension up to 70 mm high also provide the ability to machine five sides of the workpiece in a single chucking, he adds.