chuck down

chuck something down

Sl. to eat something very quickly. Don't just chuck your food down. Enjoy it! I'll be with you as soon as I chuck down this hamburger.
See also: chuck, down
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With childhood obesity on the rise - 25 per cent of boys and 33 per cent of girls aged between two and 19 are now overweight or obese - parents must accept responsibility for what their kids chuck down their throats.
Hoping for rain I've got a day off on Sunday and will spend much of it doing a rain dance as I would love to see it chuck down in Deauville where I'm riding Dick Turpin in Monday's Prix Jacques le Marois.
Speaking as he descended the five-mile long Llanberis Path for a second time yesterday afternoon, Mike, 36, of Swindon, said: "I'll call ahead to base camp so they can get some food on, chuck down some soup for five minutes, then go back up the mountain again.
As a citizen I don't chuck down rubbish because I'm proud of the city.
It's not just A & E who bear the brunt of all this excessive boozing but the increasing number of people who suffer from serious illnesses, including liver disease and cancer which are directly connected to the amount they chuck down their throats.
A private detective is now on the case, telling Sergeant Byrne that lots of people are trying to track Chuck down because he hasn't been well - and his employers are especially eager to catch up with the jovial American.
A spokesman said: "There is a view that one of the reasons for growth could be bird seed that people chuck down for pigeons.
As a thrusting young woman with an exciting social life (yeah right - I compile the coach potato's page) food has to fit around all the scribbles in my little black book (my leather-bound TV schedules) so more often or not, it can't take much longer than 30 minutes to prepare, cook and chuck down me gob.
There are no figures to show how much extra booze we chuck down our necks at Christmas because UK statisticians always miss out Christmas and summer - when drinking hits a high - as they compile year-long alcohol consumption estimates.
Richard's no Tom Cruise but a job as a cocktail waiter beckons judging by the shakes and other organic concoctions he has been advising us to chuck down our throats.
I was just past the chippie when it started to chuck down, and I had to quickly unravel the coat from the bottom of my shopping bag before jogging the last few steps into the warm.
It is a bit of a distraction when you are batting to be won-dering when they are coming; once you see it's about to chuck down you just want it come sooner rather than later.
But it will probably chuck down again this weekend.
I'M AMAZED that the Government can blame crises in health or education on lack of funds, yet find another pounds 29million from the Lottery coffers to chuck down the Millennium Dome drain.
To get kids playing football you only to chuck down a couple of coats, give them a ball and you've got a game.