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n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.
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chubbiness and reckon putting the | I'm dull and past my prime.
He said: "I was prone to chubbiness and at 10 I had little, fat-boy boobs.
Research into the effects of media on preferences for thinness, discrimination against chubbiness, and negative reactions to certain body types, could be explored.
I was shocked, in particular, at the development of female breasts in young boys - I am not talking about puppy fat or chubbiness (everyone had someone plump in their class at school) - but these were real female organs growing on male children.
There's certainly no sign of chubbiness in the celebrities taking part in Dancing On Ice (Sunday, ITV1, 6.
His chubbiness also went on to state that the press ignores Airbus, too.
This particular child--whose name we have not been able to determine--is large, both in terms of height and chubbiness, and seems uncomfortable in the potty-chair.
It took perhaps 40 or 50 years go give the ball a "nose job"--take the chubbiness out and give it the shape of a projectile.
I also have direct experience with the problem: As a boy, I spent many not-so-happy hours in the "husky" boys' section at downscale department stores, and though I outgrew that chubbiness, I became overweight again in middle age, during my wife's long, unsuccessful battle with cancer.
The picture is framed in dark purple buttons, adding to the baby's luscious chubbiness.
Well, we had calorie-challenged lads in my school but PE and rugby didn't turn their excess chubbiness into Arnold Schwarzenegger muscles.
It is winter, with snow on the distant mountains, and the trees around the wind-puckered lake are leafless, yet she does not cover her baby's exposed chubbiness.
A cave dweller in the Outer Hebrides might have missed it, but few in the UK will have missed the media's current obsession with health, with hacks regularly blaming a food brand for the nation's chubbiness.
There is, no pun intended, a huge difference between chubbiness and obesity.