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n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.
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BEFORE AND AFTER: Faye at her chubbiest with son Harvey and in swimsuit after her big slim.
Our little man has a full head of dark hair, a button nose - and the chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen'
The LCD's bezel is only one-inch thick and, if you look over the screen as a whole, it is less than three inches thick at its chubbiest point; amazing.
I remember when, as the world's chubbiest Boy Scout (before the growth spurt), I would slowly raise three fingers of my right hand and solemnly assert the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared.
To test the idea, people breeding kakapos cut the chubbiest females' menu.
The chubbiest boy in the school is honest, honourable, likeable Tommy Traddles:
The petite 5ft 1in singer went from being the chubbiest Spice Girl, at just eight stone, to a gaunt yoga fanatic weighing in at a tiny six and a half.
Glaswegians took the prize for being the chubbiest, with four Scots dying every hour from heart disease - despite the city being home to the UK's largest concentration of health clubs.
Without further ado, the semi-finalists with the sweetest smiles, chubbiest cheeks and most endearing expressions are .