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n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.
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And she told Naya's foster mother Tigest Tesfamichae, 45, from Islington: "She's chubbier then George".
It's the looong big shnoz me look chubbier If it's a woman, I am flattered, because they always say it with such affection.
Cath is pictured in her chubbier days, right Main pictures by PETER REIMANN I'M A SUPER SLIMMER: Cath Littlefair, 71, left
Thus, while slimmer, the average Dane can expect less time to reconsider indulging in that plate of pommes frites than their chubbier European brethren.
Yet the rest of America is just getting chubbier, with obesity rates in the United States now the highest of any industrialised nation.
Beth started to notice she was looking chubbier after seeing herself in photographs as her weight crept up to 10st 11lb.
THE DILEMMA (12A) CAST: Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, J Connelly, Winona Ryder, Channing Ta PLOT: Ronny (Vaughn) and Nick (Jam and chubbier version of Vaughn) are b and business partners.
Some inkling of its mediocrity is suggested by the casting of Vince Vaughn as Ronny, who's in business with his best friend Nick (Kevin James, a short and chubbier version of Vaughn).
He said that general community of Chubbier Agency was facing several problems related to education, business livelihood and employment etc due to operation against terrorism.
Viewers see a chubbier and relaxed Weaver skilfully drawing the best out of Harvey, who, in equal measure, absorbs and belches abuse.
People say I have the bone structure of the new doctor, I'm just a bit chubbier than him.
It means that women in these countries are getting chubbier.
PARIS Girls who are thin at the age of seven are at higher risk of breast cancer after menopause than chubbier counterparts and more vulnerable to a worse type of tumor, according to a Swedish study published on Wednesday.
It is a pleasure to watch him sleep in the palm of my hands and witness him becoming bigger and chubbier every day.
During an interview with New York magazine, the Poker Face star admitted that she was chubbier during her New York student days, reports The Sun.