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vulgar slang An erection.


1. adjective Somewhat fat; having plump features. I love going to the beach, but I'm afraid I'm going to look chubby in this swimsuit.
2. noun, vulgar slang An erection.


n. an erection. (Usually objectionable.) He always gets a chubby when he doesn’t need it and never when he does.


See chubby
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Darlington's Eric Willens came third from peg 31 with a 3lb 2oz chub caught on meat legered to the far side.
The EPA and DNR data sets represented the spectrum of habitats in western Lake Erie and observed Silver Chub abundances ranged from zero to >100/ha sampled.
Many studies have been done to determine age, growth, reproductive characteristics of various populations of chub in Turkey (Erk'akan and Akgul, 1986; Unlu and Balci, 1991; Ekmekci, 1996; Altindag, 1997; Karatas and Akyurt, 1997; Unver and Tanyolac, 1999; Yerli et al.
Peppered Chub are highly susceptible to the coupled effects of fragmentation and drought because they require large intact river reaches (i.
chubs, the most popular ground beef portion size for consumers, with confidence that shoppers will know their voices are being heard by Cargills beef team, continued Blick-White.
Fish and Wildlife Service's (Service) Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program to improve Moreno Spring for the benefit of Chihuahua chub and Chiricahua leopard frog.
LTRM collected its first Shoal Chub (n=1) in a trawl in 2010, and subsequently this species has constituted a significant proportion of the catch in all trawling collections.
In 2006, Fish and Wildlife killed 90 million tui chub, improved water quality and restored a recreational rainbow trout fishery at Diamond Lake.
The Alvord Chub is endemic to the Alvord Basin, an endorheic basin located in southeastern Oregon and northwestern Nevada.
Dennis Ramsey was third with four chub weighing 13lb 8oz and that helped him and Gary Price to second place.
Previous Fish-O-Mania winner from Billingham, Shane Atkin came second after catching four big chub late on in the match to go with a sprinkling of dace for 17lb 14oz from peg 48.
Elsewhere on the rivers, chub have been providing sport, and at Dinsdale opposite Middleton One Row on the Tees, oxheart has been working well and producing fish to 3lb 8oz.
THE Severn has been surprisingly good in the early weeks of the season with both barbel and chub feeding and that's resulted in some good turnouts in the matches there.
Recent Environment Agency surveys have shown there are strong populations of roach, chub and quality dace here, plus anglers have had chub to over 5lb, eels over 3lb and perch over 2lb recently.