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power chord

A chord commonly used in rock music that combines a root (a low note that forms the foundation of a chord) and its fifth (a note that is five notes higher than the root on the scale). A: "When do you want me to come in?" B: "Why don't you hit that power chord, and we'll go into the chorus from there."
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strike a chord (with someone)

Fig. to cause someone to remember something; to remind someone of something; to be familiar. The woman in the portrait struck a chord with me, and I realized that it was my grandmother. His name strikes a chord, but I don't know why.
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strike a chord

Trigger a feeling or memory, as in That poem strikes a chord in all those touched by the Holocaust. This term alludes to striking the strings or keys of a musical instrument. [First half of 1800s] Also see strike the right note.
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strike a chord


touch a chord

COMMON If something strikes a chord or touches a chord, it makes you respond in an emotional way, usually because you understand and identify with it. The case has shocked America and struck a chord with every parent of a young child. Little wonder that the play touched such a responsive chord in the hearts of both the young and the old.
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strike (or touch) a chord

say or do something which affects or stirs the emotions of others.
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strike (or touch) the right chord

skilfully appeal to or arouse a particular emotion in others.
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strike/touch a ˈchord (with somebody)

say or do something which speaks directly to somebody’s emotions or memories: His war poetry struck a chord with people who remembered that period.
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