chop off

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chop off

1. To cut something off of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chop" and "off." We had to chop off that branch because it was in danger of falling on our house. I decided to chop my hair off because I needed a change in my life.
2. To stop someone abruptly while they are talking. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chop" and "off." I had to chop him off because his boring story was putting me to sleep.
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chop someone off

Fig. to stop someone in the middle of a sentence or speech. (Abruptly, as if actually chopping or cutting.) I'm not finished. Don't chop me off! The moderator chopped off the speaker.
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chop something off (of) something

 and chop something off
to cut something off something, as with an axe or saw. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) We chopped the dead branches off the tree. You should chop off the other branch.
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chop off

To cut something short by or as if by chopping; curtail something: The barber chopped my ponytail off. The butcher chopped off a hunk of meat for me.
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com/article/trending/bizarre/south-korean-woman-chops-off-husbands-genitals-and-flush-it-down-the-toilet-for-playing-too-much-golf-4827144/) incident last year, a woman in South Korea reportedly chopped off her husband's genitals as he spent "too much time golfing.
In the third incident, in the Agripada area, a 40-year-old woman's braid was chopped off.
And she completely chopped off her own fringe when she was five
Mum-of-four Annie - who last year appeared as a model at the Breast Cancer Care Scottish fashion show - says Eva, seven, came up with the idea of having her long hair chopped off after learning about the Little Princess Trust, who provide real hair wigs for children who lose hair to cancer treatment.
He had scissors in his hand which got stuck to the kid's finger and in such situation the finger got chopped off.
Last week, we reported how Lawrence March arrived at the Wardley Lane stables to tend to his cobs Billy and Major, only to find that their manes and tails had been chopped off by the mystery crook.
Iraq's Ministry of Human Rights had called last Monday for opening an international investigation to confirm the reports pointing out that 40 Iraqis have had their heads chopped off in a Saudi public square, charging Riyadh with murdering dozens of Iraqis, without just trials.
Summary: A British man has been found with an ear, two fingers and three toes chopped off during a terrifying kidnap ordeal in a villa in Portugal.
On Wednesday Nasrallah said, in a speech on the occasion of the 4th anniversary marking the end of the July 2006 33-day war, "next time anyone who tries to attack the Lebanese army or the resistance movement will see his arm chopped off.
Summary: The United States is sending weapons to Somalia's government to thwart Islamist insurgents, who reportedly chopped off the hands and feet of thieves and paraded the severed limbs in the streets
It reminds of Kipp of when two Koreans chopped off their fingers in protest against Japan's claim on a number of islands in the region.
They skinned the animal from its forehead to its collar and chopped off both its ears after breaking into the Bahrain Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), sanctuary manager Sandy Carter told the GDN.
Ringo Starr's head was chopped off over the weekend by an unknown offender.
Among the cited cases was a hedgehog whose head was stuck in a discarded can, a fox whose head was trapped in a car wheel, a swan poisoned by lead fishing weights with a hook piercing its neck, and a duck whose foot had been chopped off by fishing line.
ENI--Church leaders in Malawi, disturbed at the rate of domestic violence underlined by the recent case of a wife having both arms chopped off by her husband, are joining hands across denominational lines to find ways to halt the scourge for their society.