chop back

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chop something back

to prune vegetation; to reduce the size of plants by cutting. Why don't you chop those bushes back while you have the shears out? Chop back the bushes, please.
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In recent years, the staying division has given us rich sport and one is tempted to enquire where those goons who wanted to chop back the Ascot Gold Cup by half a mile are skulking now.
Pointon has failed to start in two games this season and he is thankful boss Ray Graydon gave him the chop back in September.
You can chop back for fresh growth but there's no need until they get scrappy- looking.
The company recently came under fire for proposals to chop back part of its bus service between Conwy and Bangor by more than 50%.
The pensioner crashed three metres to the ground as he tried to chop back the hedge in the garden of his house, in Olton Boulevard East, Acocks Green.
One striking and unusual feature of this manufacturing recession is that while hard-pressed companies chop back their workforces, nobody seems deterred from borrowing by fear of losing their job.
NEW laws are being lined up to give councils the power to chop back towering conifer hedges.
The outcome was this week's decision to chop back the final bonuses so as to lower the value of the policies by 16 per cent.
BA will also chop back services on less popular routes, concentrating on those more attractive to business customers.
To keep them blooming well, don't just deadhead spent flowers, chop back the flower stalk.
Chop back early-flowering shrubs, such as winter jasmine and forsythia, as soon as blooms die down.