choke off

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choke someone off

to prevent someone from continuing to talk. (A figurative use; does not imply physical choking.) The opposition choked the speakers' debate off before they finished. Why did they want to choke off the speakers?
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choke something off

1. Lit. to restrict or strangle a living creature's windpipe. The tight collar on the cat tended to choke its airstream off. The collar choked off its airstream.
2. Fig. to put an end to debate or discussion; to stop the flow of words from any source. Are they going to choke the debate off? The chair tried to choke off debate but failed.
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choke off something

also choke something off
to suddenly stop the movement or progress of something He told his staff to stop talking to the press, hoping to choke off the bad publicity.
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choke off

1. Put a stop to, throttle, as in Higher interest rates are choking off the real estate boom. [Early 1800s]
2. Stop someone from speaking or complaining, as in Throughout the debate the congressman had to be choked off to give the other candidate a chance to speak . [Slang; late 1800s]
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choke off

To prevent or stop the free flow of something: High tariffs choked off trade between the two countries. The car accident in the middle of the road choked the traffic off, and no one could get through.
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Though the primary goal of this section of the bill is to choke off cadmium now entering the waste stream via industrial products such as dyed textiles and colored plastic bottles, it would also quench the supply of art pigments that, according to some artists, have no good substitutes.
The report noted that Indian demand is always sensitive to price volatility and sharp rises in price, particularly when coupled with slow consumer spending generally, always choke off purchases of new gold for a while until consumers and trade feel that the price has settled down.
British and European stock markets were rattled by worries that this would choke off US demand for our products.
Defense Department spokesman Kenneth Bacon said the number of Serbian targets is expanding ``almost daily'' in an attempt to choke off Milosevic's ``continued brutality on ethnic Albanians.
The finding could thus explain why coronary artery spasms, which can choke off blood flow to the heart muscle and cause heart attacks, occur primarily in the area of atherosclerotic deposits.
The resultant blood clots choke off the blood supply to the tumor causing an avalanche of cell death.
The terrorists are desperate to choke off Iraq's oil exports - hitting the country's income and stoking civil unrest on the streets of Baghdad.
Were a government agency charged with regulating online privacy, heavy handed regulation could choke off the dynamism and innovation of thousands of smaller and emerging companies doing businesses on the Internet.
The terrorists are desperate to choke off Iraq's oil as short supplies on the streets of Baghdad will stoke more civil unrest.
Owners of businesses about a mile away on Ventura Boulevard say closing the Haskell exit would choke off their customer traffic.
Now that scientists understand the genetic switches that can turn normal cells into disorderly, spreading monsters and understand how broken genes can send cells into spirals of cancerous growth, they can target those switches and replace those genes to choke off tumors and even prevent a cancer before it starts.
Some FutureNet distributors say that restriction will choke off all the profits in the company.
Kerosene fumes choke off their air supply, forcing them down just six hours later in the Mediterranean.
He said: "I know it is hard to have interest rate rises and consequent pressure on the pound as we choke off inflation that was back in the system.
As adults, and particularly as parents, it's easy to let worry choke off wonder, to grow impatient with dreams and dreamers, to steer our kids and ourselves down safer paths out of fear.