choke down

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choke something down

to eat something, even though it is hard to swallow or tastes bad. The cough medicine tasted terrible, but I managed to choke it down. She choked down four of those pills all at once.
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After swallowing substantial costs to bring about retail competition and commodity market restructuring, discos might be expected to choke down another huge heap of unrecoverable costs.
But I look at you and know that you will be my man and you still don't know it and I stifle a laugh and don't say anything I choke down words.
3 "Junge Szene 1998" (Wiener Secession, Vienna) While Europe is subjected to endless rounds of club-scene and ambient art, and gruesome group shows like the Berlin Biennale force us to choke down more pop cuteness for the sake of cuteness, curator Kathrin Rhomberg succeeded with many of the same artists - like John Beck and his obsessive cages and treehouses-cum-architectural-critique.
It is critical for the field health to inhibit a simple open flow and to choke down pressures to prevent gas reservoir "coning" and drawing water into the sands by the outgoing gas.
She managed to choke down a fermented duck egg, an ostrich anus and lamb's testicles, known as bush oysters.
But as I choke down the last of my dish of crow, I urge everyone to lower expectations for our next president.
Oh no, we have had to struggle through oceans of Champagne, wade across ponds full of Pimms and choke down endless plateloads of smoked salmon, rare fillet of beef and the occasional passing gull's egg.
Two more objections were voiced, one about "supporting the liquor trade" and the other about "foreign bread that might trigger allergies and is too hard to tear off and you end of with big chunks you have to choke down.
I thought, well, I'll just choke down on a 3-wood and give that a hit and see what happens,'' he said.
Basically, they give users an alternative to having to choke down a series of large pills -- while providing all or more of the benefits of the pills.
If you choke down on the club just a little bit, this shortens your swing, which lowers your club head speed and knocks down the ball flight.
But when Walt is laid low by a stroke, and his pride and physical infirmity prevent him from traveling to therapy, he must choke down his pride and take singing lessons from Rusty to regain control of his voice.
I was eating the only energy bar on the market at the time, and after eating five of them, I couldn't choke down another one because of their taste.
Choke down on the club for better control, using only your shoulders and forearms to bring the club down your target line.
And could anyone choke down liver, fava beans and a fine Chianti during Silence Of The Lambs?