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chock full of (something)

Having a lot of something; very full of something. If you don't like raisins, you won't like this cake —it's chock full of them. Good luck fitting anything else in that storage locker—it is just chock full of boxes.
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chock full of something

Fig. very full of something. These cookies are chock full of big chunks of chocolate.
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pull chocks

and pull up stakes
tv. to leave a place. (see also up stakes.) Time to pull chocks and get out of here. We pulled up stakes and moved on.
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A solid barrier around the base of the house (around 50 cm high) protects chocks from the cold, while wire covered spaces on at least two opposing walls allow for maximum airflow.
Perches are vital and can by moved higher in summer and lower in winter so that chocks can roost in warmer or cooler air.
Put chock blocks in place before loading or unloading.
When her husband, Paul, went to investigate, he discovered two red chocks still attached to the car's suspension.
Timken Industrial Services works closely with industrial original equipment manufacturers and distributors globally to offer services such as bearing repair, bearing reclamation, component repair, on-site training, mill maintenance, diagnostic services, and now, chock and roll repairs.
We needed to find something to secure the aircraft until we were able to get a set of chocks.
By allowing a free flow of air under hot-running compressors, epoxy chocks "thermal humping" and any other misalignment caused by thermally induced distortions.
Weir to Provide Chock Repair, Bearing Maintenance for Metal Manufacturers
The FDD (a junior petty officer in training, shadowed by the LPO) directed the flight-deck crew to remove chocks and chains.
Connect the two chocks at the center notches using chain, NSN 4010-01-065-6955, and two chain hooks, NSN 4030-00-153-8711.
I signaled the plane captain to remove chocks and landing gear pins, looked down to the checklist, looked up again, and saw a thumbs up.
Precise, permanent alignment of reciprocating compressors, large diesel engines and other hot-running equipment can be maintained with epoxy chocks poured in place or adjustable chocks supported by an epoxy grout.
Furmanite and its European project management supplier, AMEC, introduced the Smart Shim (patent pending) to the oil and gas industry in 2002, and are now able to provide North American customers with a full-service solution -- from on-site measurement, design and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to manufacture and on-site casting of the chocks.
Description: Stainless Steel Mooring Chock Assembly
The PC wanted me to check the auxiliary-brake gauge because he noticed the aircraft had no tie-down chains and only one chock installed.