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chisel in

slang To gain part of or involvement in something by unfair methods. Any time my parents give me money, my brother manages to chisel in on it by whining to them.
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chisel (one) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man chiseled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
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chisel in (on someone or something)

Sl. to use deception to get a share of something. I won't chisel in on your deal. You had better not chisel in!
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chisel someone out of something

 and chisel something out of someone; chisel something from someone
to get something away from someone by cheating. The scam tried to chisel pension money out of retired people.
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chisel in (on someone/something)

in. to use deception to get a share of something. I won’t chisel in on your deal.
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chisel in

See also: chisel
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It represents money we currently throw away to downtown chiselers every year.
Agnes Brown seems to be a universal figure - through reading the books The Mammy, The Chiselers and The Granny, people have got to know her and I've had fan letters from Chechnia, Bosnia, America - there's something about Mrs Brown that makes her an international woman.
But the Irish amateur hammerers and chiselers, as well as their more professional counterparts, might be surprised to know that most of the Grafton surplus was recorded by its interests in Britain.
Economists have long believed that enhanced information about demand conditions or rival actions can play an important role in facilitating collusion, for example because it simplifies detection of chiselers (Stigler [1964]).
The Robinson-Patman Act] has the opposition of all cheaters, chiselers, bribe takers, bribe givers, and the greedy who seek monopolistic powers.
The insurance company financial type is replaced by a series of claims people with 30 years of what they believe to be experience in protecting the insurance company from cheats and chiselers, and an equal period of experience in protecting policyholders from themselves.
I don't believe in paying farmers not to plant," said Burt, "and I don't believe in paying chiselers not to chisel.