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He said: "I took Honey out on my backpack on the dry ski slope only last week and she seemed to be a chip off the old block.
Saying she hated all men is available at 20-1, though it's unlikely she has got that particular chip off her shoulder just yet.
Louis McNall appears to be a chip off the old block when it comes to scoring goals.
In addition, the company is introducing two new ice cream flavors - Razza Dazza Chip (chocolate ice cream with chewy chocolate chip brownie pieces and a raspberry ribbon) and Chip Off the Ole Cheesecake (cheesecake ice cream with chocolate chip cheesecake cubes and a dark fudge ribbon).
DIEGO MARADONA JNR is proving to be a chip off the old block after leaving DUNFERMLINE to return to Italy.
HIS Royal Horsiness Prince Harry is obviously a chip off the old block as he indulges in a touch of pitch and putt on the polo field.
Infrared spectra taken by the Deep Space 1 spacecraft in late July suggest that Braille, only 2 kilometers long, is a chip off the old block 4 Vesta, the third largest asteroid in the solar system.
REG AKEHURST'S runners were always feared in major handicaps and his son Jon can show he is a chip off the old block by lifting the Stanley Racing Great Metropolitan Stakes with Red Ramona at Epsom tomorrow.
Or maybe you are fed up with having to chip off the ice every morning just to let the birds have a drink.
The youngster was penalised because he kicked stones after his first attempt to chip off the rocky edge of Lough Leane - and while he was still in the water hazard, which incurred the penalty.
LIAM Ridgewell's son Luca is a chip off the old block all right.
LITTLE Alastair Stewart is clearly a chip off the old block as he poses with rocker dad Rod and a Celtic scarf.
No chip off the old block: Tennessee offensive tackle Michael Munoz decided to quit football after he was not chosen in last weekend's NFL Draft, his father, NFL Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz, said.
HE looks like a chip off the block, but children's favourite Mr Potato Head has crossed over to the ``dark fried'' - remodelled as a Star Wars villain.