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chink up (something)

To fill in or patch narrow openings, such as cracks or fissures (chinks), of something. We live in an area that experiences a lot of earthquakes each year, so we've gotten pretty good at chinking up the walls of our house.
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chink in (one's) armor

A minor but very detrimental flaw or weakness. Yeah, he's brilliant, but his violent temper has destroyed many business relationships—it's really the chink in his armor.
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chink in one's armor

Fig. a special weakness that provides a means for attacking or impressing someone otherwise invulnerable. (Alludes to an opening in a suit of armor that allows a weapon to penetrate.) Jane's insecurity is the chink in her armor. The boss seems mean, but the chink in his armor is that he is easily flattered.
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chink in one's armor

A vulnerable area, as in Putting things off to the last minute is the chink in Pat's armor and is bound to get her in trouble one day . This term relies on chink in the sense of "a crack or gap," a meaning dating from about 1400 and used figuratively since the mid-1600s.
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a chink in someone's armour

If someone or something has a chink in their armour, they have a weakness that people can take advantage of, although they seem very strong and successful. Note: `Armour' is spelled `armor' in American English. With their superior knowledge, they might find the chinks in his armour. Labour leaders hope to use their annual conference to attack what they currently see as the most vulnerable chink in the government's armour. Note: A chink is a small hole or opening.
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a chink in someone's armour

a weak point in someone's character, arguments, or ideas which makes them vulnerable to attack or criticism.
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a chink in somebody’s ˈarmour

(British English) (American English a chink in somebody’s ˈarmor) a weakness in somebody’s argument, character, etc., that can be used in an attack: The one chink in her armour is the lack of a sense of humour. She hates people laughing at her.
A chink is a small hole.
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Written from and for the Pentecostal community, this brief and accessible volume does not claim to irrefutably dispute Dunn's position, but traces the history of scholarship, noting the chinks in Dunn's argument and providing a well-reasoned and supported alternative.
But like every other team, there are a couple of chinks as well.
But through the chinks in their vocational heroism, we catch accidental glimpses of the real NHS, such as the unconscious patient rushed in after a suspected overdose.
But flanker Matt Gilbert exposed some chinks in the home defence when he breezed through for the first try of the match.
The squad of James Bowden, Phil Cullinane, Mark Soale, Richard Woodroofe, Andy Pallett, Pete Muir and Kiran Winterbotham have proved yet again there are few chinks in the armour as they top the table.
Summary: A possible electoral alliance between Congress and regional heavyweight Samajwadi party brightened on Monday after chinks appeared in the relationship between the two last week.
FRANCE coach Bernard Laporte has reminded his players New Zealand "are not supermen" and is ready to expose chinks in the All Blacks' armour.
Not that this is the first time we've seen chinks in the great one's armor.
With Independence Air out of the picture and JetBlue Airways' armor revealing a few chinks.
Tax Executives Institute continues to work with the Internal Revenue Service to iron out the chinks in the IRS's corporate e-filing mandate.
But Atlanta's Chris Reitsma finally has begun to show chinks in his armor for the first time since he replaced Dan Kolb as the Braves' closer early this season.
The company has chosen to present the chinks in Tetra Prisma Aseptic 250ml cartons.
Doncaster enjoyed more possession in the second half, but found few chinks in the Bradford defence and the nearest they came to scoring was when Lee Fortune-West saw his shot hit the outside of the upright.
Hopefully there'll be little chinks of niceness coming through
Vices also make the list of "forces" which appear here, as in "Serious Drinking": "The single fact of the world was suddenly / film-documentary-gray, as gray as old / Aunt Lil shuffling / through gray dawn / to make milky gray coffee, / talking gray words that / stuck to the end of her / thick, chalky-gray tongue / that filled the empty gin / bottles and cocktail glasses / with gray ashy chinks.