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chide (one) for (something)

To reprimand or tease one about something. The other guys on the team chided him for missing that easy basket. Mom chided me for coming to the party without a gift.
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chide someone for something

to tease or scold someone for doing something. Maria chided Gerald for being late.
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Fujioka surprised many with an emotional outburst in which he labeled one proposal ``bulls '' and told how his father, also named William Fujioka, chided his young son.
Italian consumers and retailers were chided for resisting the conversion from the lira to the euro.
Robertson chided the Religious Right for lacking political savvy.
they must be chided for simultaneously pursuing anti-business laws such as the living-wage ordinance for hotels that they passed Wednesday.
In 2004, he chided Dodgers outfielder Shawn Green, who is Jewish, for missing twogames that during the Yom Kippur holiday.
The watchdog group, a requirement under state law, chided the school district for not releasing the report sooner.
My son hits harder than she does,'' chided Lazier, whose son Kayden is 4.
Chided earlier this season for his flappable nature in tight spots, he yielded eight hits and three walks to the Orioles, who lost for the 16th time in 18 games.
Donnelly chided Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen two weeks ago for complaining to umpires that he was licking his lips while on the mound, earning two ball calls for a minor rules violation that Donnelly perceived as petty gamesmanship.
With four children making the puppet move, volunteer teacher Addie Dugger taught the class about bringing the inanimate object to life, and chided the children for giving the puppet poor posture.
You shouldn't have a 13 on your jacket, it should be a 1,'' the superintendent chided, shaking the hand of 9-year old Logan Hall.
Even Democrats who had chided Schwarzenegger for not yet making good on his campaign promise to become the ``Collectinator'' of federal funds, called the meeting productive.
Also, he took Hertzberg to task for a proposal floated in 2002 to void the election by developing a borough system and chided Alarcon for considering a run for mayor of a new Valley city.