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This study was designed to detect whether there is any difference in the EMG activity during mastication, chewing rate, cycle duration and preferred chewing side between children with and without unilateral posterior crossbite.
My deaf father used to do a terrific mime of what happened to you if you swallowed chewing gum.
You are chewing over whatever this is and cannot stop thinking about it, chewing it over in your mind.
If chewing gum did reduce hospital stay, this could save the NHS millions of pounds, say the researchers, given that more than 31,000 bowel operations are carried out in England each year.
Aggressive chewing on hard objects such as rocks or fencing, or on hard treats such as cow hooves, bones or hard nylon toys, are the primary cause.
People have been chewing gum for thousands of years.
A 2002 report called for a levy on packets of chewing gum to help street cleaners meet the multimillion costs of clearing the litter up.
The data proves that xylitol chewing gum provides a superior efficacy in reducing caries rates in high-risk populations.
Acoustic signals unrelated to chewing had no effect.
The history of chewing gum's marketing and popularity might seem to some like a narrow topic for a business book: think again.
One advantage of xylitol is that it tastes good and patients can enjoy a positive health impact while simply chewing gum or eating mints.
A recent study shows that chewing gum actually improves your memory and intelligence.
A get tough call on people who throw chewing gum on to the streets of Middlesbrough has been made by the borough's Mayor.
According to a study on chewing habits conducted by the Wrigley Company, when given the choice about what will fulfill their craving, 75% of Americans choose gum instead of pens, pencils, or straws.