chew off

chew something off something

 and chew something off
to bite or gnaw something off something. The puppy chewed the heel off my shoe. The puppy chewed off the heel and mangled the tongue.
See also: chew, off
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They also chew off wire coating, adding to the danger.
They might look cute but voles can dma disturb plants by burrowing, while mice can take fruit, chew off seedlings and cause chaos in storage areas.
When an animal is caught in a trap it has three choices: it can chew off its leg to escape, starve to death, or wait to be killed by the trapper.
The first time Mike bit me I was so furious I was going to chew off his whole ear not just a portion," Holyfield told me.
The suffering of minks who go mad from confinement in tiny boxes and foxes who chew off their own feet to escape painful steel-jaw traps will never be 'in fashion.
Southern ground crickets take it a step further--females mount the male, chew off part of his leg (shown) and sip his circulatory fluids.
I'd chew off my own arm to get a bronze medal," she added.
New York, July 2 ( ANI ): A drunken bus driver was detained in China after he attacked a woman in her car and tried to chew off her face during an attack on Tuesday afternoon.
Avoid costumes with small or dangling accessories that the pet could chew off and possibly choke on.
A distinct advantage of the tub grinder is the ability when grinding extra-large pieces of material to chew off what it can handle and let the remainder move on to the next round," he says.
These boys chew off their lips, chew their fingers to bloody stubs.
It is haunting and thrilling and should be read with munches close by so that readers aren't tempted to chew off their nails.
But The Times called it 'a lamentable vanity project' with acting so woeful it made you 'want to chew off your own fist in sheer embarrassment'.
Most drivers would rather chew off their own elbows than tackle two events in a row.
But now, scientists have learned bacteria in sewage treatment plants chew off that sugar molecule.