chew (away) at (something)

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chew (away) at (something)

To chew on something repeatedly or for a length of time. The baby has been completely miserable lately, except for when he's chewing away at a teething ring.
See also: chew

chew (away) at something

to gnaw or chew something for a period of time. The puppy chewed away at the leather belt all night.
See also: chew

chew someone's ass

reprimand someone severely.
See also: ass, chew

chew someone’s ass out

tv. to scold someone severely. (Usually objectionable.) The cop was really mad and chewed Bob’s ass out.
See also: ass, chew, out
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We usually view that as the time of little galaxies working hard to chew away at the neutral intergalactic medium.
In the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, an overzealous set of proteins and cells begins to chew away at the brain's nerve cell connections, a study in mice suggests.
The larvae of these beetles can chew away at the roots of your plant until it topples and rhodos are one of their favourite meals.
So the Farm Bill dithers in Never-Never Land, plows continue to chew away at CRP acreage and native prairie and wildlife suffers, and, by association, so do upland bird and duck hunters.
Problem is, those buyers had to drive to work in Los Angeles or San Diego counties, and rising gas prices tend to chew away at paychecks just like rising house payments do.
What normally happens when a bee detects infested brood," says Harris, "is that it will pierce the waxy cap topping the cell, chew away at it, and then eat the parasitized bee.
Burnet's self becomes something substantial, something unique that our appetites and our immune systems ignore while they chew away at the rest of the organic world.
Like sandpaper, grit comes in various grades of coarseness, but they all have the same purpose: to chew away at the mirror blank's glass surface.