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I'm on a mission this year to avoid business time wasters - and I'm not talking about the great distracters that can chew away at our productivity, like email overload, unstructured meetings, bureaucracy and dare I say it, social media.
It was also kids screaming and squealing at the top of their lungs as Chinn lifted the doomed cockroach out of a plastic container, turned it over, packed its squirming feet down, stuck it up into his right cheek and began to chew away as his eyes closed tightly, his face scrunched up and he looked as if he was about to, uh, lose his cookies.
Problem is, those buyers had to drive to work in Los Angeles or San Diego counties, and rising gas prices tend to chew away at paychecks just like rising house payments do.
What normally happens when a bee detects infested brood," says Harris, "is that it will pierce the waxy cap topping the cell, chew away at it, and then eat the parasitized bee.
Burnet's self becomes something substantial, something unique that our appetites and our immune systems ignore while they chew away at the rest of the organic world.
I thought how a mouse manages to scrape and chew away the hardest wood with its chisel-like teeth and it works quietly; nobody takes much notice, so I put the mouse on all my work.
Some say it has secular problems: it is no longer relevant to younger generations; its usefulness has been trumped by new technology; it is the lowest member of the electronic food chain, as competing media slowly chew away its audience.