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cherry-pick something

Fig. to choose something very carefully. (As if one were closely examining cherries on the tree, looking for the best.) We have to cherry-pick the lumber we want to use for the cabinetry. Nothing but the best will do.

cherry-pick somebody/something

to choose only the best people or things in a way that is not fair (usually in continuous tenses) Isn't there a danger that the state schools might start cherry-picking the pupils with the best exam results?
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I feel like I had been used as a convenience for the managers, who leisurely perused and cherry-picked my replacement while keeping me in the dark about their plans.
We wanted to provide a full personal banking service but people just cherry-picked products.
Speaking in Edinburgh, president Sepp Blatter announced FIFA's plans for professional whistlers who would be cherry-picked from the best in the world to officiate at top-level games.
The "mover," a furniture wholesaler who had promised to take every stick of furniture, had cherry-picked what he wanted and decided to leave the rest behind.
lucy also offers a selection of cherry-picked performance brands including Nike, Puma and adidas, as well as hard-to-find labels like Splendid and OmGirl.
Other companies would have come in and cherry-picked the assets they wanted, which would have been too bad, because the Applause brand name still has a lot of equity with consumers.
All art is handmade, signed by the artists and was cherry-picked by the owners themselves.
My two cherry-picked verses are Romans 12:17, ``recompense to no man evil for evil,'' and Romans 12:21, ``Be not overcome to evil, but overcome evil with good.
The stacked plates are imaged and the high activity mutants are robotically cherry-picked for further analysis.
Apparently, the will of the American military is not as important as that of voters in several cherry-picked counties in Florida, even though 39 percent of the military ballots have not even been counted once.
New Times also cherry-picked two veteran movie critics, Peter Rainer (late of the L.
Occam's vast pool of talent, which has been assembled and cherry-picked from Cisco, NET, Ericsson, Motorola and other leading companies in the telecommunications industry, and the strength and experience of the Occam team in key technology areas -- networking, telephony, and access -- make it a formidable force and the company to watch as the thought-leader in the access market.