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A chef d'oeuvre of that kind of quiet evolution of character through circumstance, introduced into English literature by Miss Austen, and carried to perfection in France by George Sand (who is more to the point, because, like Mrs.
Tyler's colored chef, who could make pork-chops taste like chicken, and chicken taste like heaven.
And then Schliemann went on to outline some of the wastes of competition: the losses of industrial warfare; the ceaseless worry and friction; the vices--such as drink, for instance, the use of which had nearly doubled in twenty years, as a consequence of the intensification of the economic struggle; the idle and unproductive members of the community, the frivolous rich and the pauperized poor; the law and the whole machinery of repression; the wastes of social ostentation, the milliners and tailors, the hairdressers, dancing masters, chefs and lackeys.
A curious evidence of this was given in a remarkable ceremony in which I frequently saw Mehevi and several other chefs and warriors of note take part; but never a single female.
Inspector Jacks," he said, "but you shall go to the house of any nobleman you choose, and if you will bring me an equal number of your valets or footmen or chefs, who can compete with mine in running or jumping or wrestling, then I will give you a prize what you will--a hundred pounds, or more.
Little boys, in the costumes of French chefs, paraded up and down the irregular aisles vending fancy cakes.
Pellegrino Young Chef 2016, a one-of-a-kind culinary competition to recognize leading young chefs worldwide.
Some traditional, and some not so traditional, allowing them to carry that individuality not only through their culinary creations but in physical presence too,” said Amanda Stuckey, Marketing Director of Chef Works.
With experience, you can move onto being a section chef, also known as station chef or chef de partie, where you would be in charge of one area of the kitchen.
Eventually the rights reverted back to Fuji, and that's when we decided to move forward with it and create Iron Chef America.
YOUR ARTICLE on the six culinary greats ("Top Chefs," June 2006) was right on time
A Voce, at 41 Madison Avenue and 26th Street, is a sleek Italian eatery by Andrew Carmellini, who is James Beard's "Best Chef New York City 2005" and chef of Cafe Boulud for the past six years.
Serious foodies might want to avail themselves of the Vintage Room (surcharge), an experience limited to 12-14 guests in which winemakers and the chef collaborate on a lavish wine-pairing dinner.
2003 Iowa Pork Queen Beth Kulow presented Chef Shad Kirton with Chef Par Excellence during the 18th Annual Taste of Elegance.
Addressing a press conference on genetically modified (GM) foods in Washington last year, Peter Hoffman, chef and owner of New York's upscale Savoy restaurant, proclaimed: "We do not need golden rice.