cheese off

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cheese someone off

Sl. to make someone very angry. You sure know how to cheese Laurel off. Bobby cheesed off every person in the club.
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When we stayed at a hotel before an away match, the players would laugh at him ordering hotel staff to take the cheese off our lasagnes or ordering a specific weight of broccoli.
He explained: "It would cheese me off to a degree and I think it would cheese off anybody - but you've got to accept that for what it is.
Of course, it wasn't that long ago the animal rights lobby (animal rights, not animal welfare) had their foot in their mouth by trying to get milk and cheese off the school mealtime agenda.
As usual, the meeting will take place at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese off Fleet Street (12.
I'm sure they wouldn't want to cheese off 25 per cent of the most loyal, longest serving staff," says Woolies boss Trevor Bish-Jones.
Then supermarket giants Asda also backed the farmers, taking French bread and cheese off their shelves.
But scrape the cream cheese off your front before circulating the old resume.
Van Gaal, who once conducted Barcelona media conferences in his second language, English, to cheese off critical Spanish journalists, has left the world's best player, Rivaldo, out of Barca's 18-man squad for tonight's home game against Real Sociedad at the Nou Camp.