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I run Cheek by Jowl in England, and I run a company of Russian actors.
Cheek By Jowl is a London-based theatre company formed, in 1981, by director Declan Donellan and designer Nick Ormerod.
Claire Smith West Grove Cour t, The Parade CardiffTHE Israelis and Palestinians have to live cheek by jowl with each other forever, so they might as well be friends.
Yet, because of the localistic nature of American public education, older and newer approaches often coexisted, cheek by jowl, in FLE curricula, and graphic illustrations of the effects o f venereal disease, Moran suggests, acted more than the prospect of fulfilling marriages to scare teenagers into chastity.
The funny thing is that it was built cheek by jowl with what is arguably the trendiest neighborhood in the world right now.
Given the constraints of space, with works hung cheek by jowl throughout, it seems misguided to have taken on so much.
All of which is reminiscent of Paul Erlich's warnings in the 1960s that unless humans stopped reproducing, by the year 2000, we'd all be standing cheek by jowl on every continent, our faces pointed upward gasping for air.
Cheek by jowl with French crop, in a polybag featuring a Union Flag, Class I Suffolk Cox were on 25% extra free (1.
Below the wall, the first to be built in areas where Jews and Arabs live cheek by jowl, an Israeli tank is dug in.
All in all Juneteenth Texas presents what might be expected in such a collection, a very uneven mix of methodological and ideological perspectives, solid (even heavy) works of research cheek by jowl with lightweight reminiscences, well-crafted and closely argued presentations in company with haphazardly organized exercises in enthusiasm and spleen.
Cheetahs stalked the Midwestern prairie, cheek by jowl with lions, camels, sloths, tapirs, yaks, llamas, and other mammals that survive today only on other continents.
And in any event how can a Government that has taken such pains to publicise the horrors and terrors of life in Kosovo actually turn down an application for British citizenship from anyone whose only alternative is to return to live cheek by jowl with Serbs responsible for these atrocities?
When you see these people living cheek by jowl, all the different religions and backgrounds, and the pressure to survive, it's a miracle that they are not in a constant state of riot.
The irony of that remarkable transition is not that the Everglades wilderness exists cheek by jowl with one of the nation's fastest-growing urban areas.
As inventory works its way through distribution channels, two apparently identical products cheek by jowl on the shelf may contain slight or substantial differences inside," reports one computer columnist.