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a physical examination by a physician. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She got a checkup yesterday. I'm going to have a checkup in the morning. I hope I'm okay.
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To learn more about the Marriage Checkup, or to see how you can participate, visit http://wordpress.
Of Japan's 54 commercial nuclear reactors, five still in operation are expected to be shut down for checkups by late April.
With the home checkup, customers will get personalized energy-saving suggestions ranging from easy, no-cost ideas like turning off computers and office equipment when they are not in use to making significant improvements like replacing an outdated heating and air conditioning system.
Ticket+Wellness selects and displays content according to information (attributes such as member organization, age, and sex) and health checkup results of the user who holds it.
1 reactor at the Sendai plant, halted earlier also for a regular checkup, remains suspended despite initial plans to restart it in late July.
Two years ago, the National Institutes of Health gave me the encouragement I needed to move forward with my research, and approved my idea of a Marriage Checkup in the form of a $1 million grant, one of the largest grants any faculty member at Clark University has ever received.
Researchers say children should have their first checkup at 2 years old, or even younger.
The checkup is expected to be conducted Tuesday morning at the Imperial Household Agency hospital within the Imperial Palace compound, according to imperial household sources.
Wimar Witoelar told reporters the medical checkup will take place at the Harapan Kita Cardiac Hospital in Jakarta.
Each year, hundreds of international patients visit Boston, seeking everything from regular checkups to the most advanced medical and surgical procedures.
1 Furthermore, the median retirement income forecast increased by 20% for Checkup recipients who have been in managed accounts long enough to receive an initial forecast.
Indeed, those moments when Shah can offer a book to a child are just as important as the visit and checkup, she said.
3% of the respondents said that they have a medical checkup and 6.
Blood pressure: At every checkup starting at age 3.
The Go Red Heart CheckUp will help women calculate their risk of having a heart attack or cardiovascular disease in the next ten years and give them information to help them make changes to reduce their risk.