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Perkins checked her with a gentle motion of his hand.
She looked at him, and checked herself again; resolute to make her terrible confession, yet still hesitating how to begin.
He sprung from his seat and checked her, holding her with both his hands, raising her as he rose himself.
in our fields, because the seeds are in great excess compared with the number of birds which feed on them; nor can the birds, though having a superabundance of food at this one season, increase in number proportionally to the supply of seed, as their numbers are checked during winter: but any one who has tried, knows how troublesome it is to get seed from a few wheat or other such plants in a garden; I have in this case lost every single seed.
increase in numbers is obviously impossible, and must be checked by some means.
Wilson was busy in the kitchen, but the room was not empty; and I scarcely checked an involuntary recoil as I entered it; for there sat Miss Wilson chattering with Eliza Millward.
This repetition checked the rising up of fresh images and memories, which he felt were thronging in his brain.
The Duchess left on Friday, and we checked her baggage through to Lenox by the New York, New Haven & Hartford.