check with (someone or something)

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check with (someone or something)

1. To consult or confer with someone about something. I'm the lead person on this campaign, so please check with me before making any big decisions. Check with Harold if you have any questions about this case.
2. To match or agree with something. Run this test again and see if the results check with the ones from yesterday.
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check with someone (about something)

to ask someone about something. You should check with the concierge about the bus to the airport. Please check with your agent.
See also: check

check with

1. To consult someone, as before deciding or answering: I'll check with my boss to see if that time is good for a meeting.
2. To correspond with something: The suspect's fingerprints checked with those from the crime scene.
See also: check
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Sure, it won't be the most romantic gift, or the prettiest, but it might very well be the most practical, and with today's economy the way it is, you'll get plenty of thanks when the recipient writes an auto repair check with one or two fewer zeroes at the end of it.
After entering data, the teller prints the check with one keystroke.
Says Jones, "With CCI, I have one contact number for service, and they send one commission check with one spreadsheet on a disk.