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cheat sheet

1. A piece of paper or other document containing information about or the solutions to questions of a test or exam, which may be used for cheating, studying, or by someone grading said exam. Jim was caught using a cheat sheet during his test and failed the course as a result. My friend gave me a great cheat sheet to use while studying for my final exam.
2. Any document on which complex or difficult information is summarized so as to allow for easy reference and/or understanding. I made a cheat sheet of everyday Japanese phrases so I would know how to say at least a few things while in Tokyo next week!
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cheat the worms

To avoid death, especially after having a serious illness. Refers to the worms often found near a decaying body. A: "I heard that Ellen cheated the worms! Is that true? Last I saw her, she was so sick." B: "Oh, yeah! She's doing great now!" I hope I can cheat the worms and make a full recovery—but I feel so sick right now.
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cheat at something

to use deception while competing [against someone]. They say she cheats at cards. The mob is likely to cheat at getting the contracts.
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cheat on someone

to commit adultery; to be unfaithful to one's spouse or lover. "Have you been cheating on me?" cried Mrs. Franklin. He was caught cheating on his wife.
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cheat someone out of something

to get something from someone by deception. Are you trying to cheat me out of what is rightfully mine? She cheated herself out of an invitation because she lied about her affiliation.
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Cheats never prosper.

 and Cheaters never prosper.
Prov. If you cheat people, they will not continue to do business with you, and so your business will fail. Customer: You charged me for ten artichokes, but you only gave me nine. Grocer: Too bad. You should have counted them before you paid for them. Customer: Cheats never prosper, you know.
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cheat on somebody

to have a sexual relationship with a person while you are married to someone else or are having a relationship with someone else It's hard to believe that he cheated on you.
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cheat on

Be sexually unfaithful to, as in They broke up right after she found he was cheating on her. [Colloquial; 1920s]
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cheat on

1. To behave fraudulently during some process or activity: The teacher caught the student cheating on the test.
2. To be unfaithful to someone, especially a spouse or lover: I hired a private detective to see if my spouse was cheating on me.
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Sample Statistics for Cheating and Perceptions of Cheating Variables Var Description cheats Annual Cheats vigilantfac Faculty are vigilant about detection (+) vigilantstu Peers vigilant about reporting (+) severe Believe penalties are modest or severe (+) cheatproblem Believe cheating is a moderate or major problem (+) discussed Academic honesty discussed at start of semester (+) facultyconfront Faculty vigilant about confronting after detection (+) Non- Full Sample Cheaters Cheaters Var Mean SD Min Max Mean Mean cheats .
We are just trying to help them, if you don't cheat or give out answers, then we'll make sure no one bothers you.
Athletes may cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs or banned equipment (e.
The singer said that she knows many women whose husbands cheat on them with women uglier than them.
Consider a tournament in which players make a simple dichotomous choice to cheat or not; a player who cheats increases his average output by x.
The student who got the text then made a cheat sheet from those answers and distributed it to more than 30 classmates (most of whom were caught and suspended).
Advanced computer software also highlights coursework cheats.
It's not worth it to cheat to get a good grade, because you're not doing the best you can.
National studies indicate that most students cheat.
Approximately what this country today spends every year on public education from kindergarten through high school--a huge chunk of change that, were it not for tax cheats, we could use to spend on other programs (or to lower everyone's tax rates).
Therefore, if we have detected genuine cheating, one would expect that a teacher who cheats on one part of the test would be more likely to cheat on other parts of the test.
I was taught by my mum, who was convinced that everybody in the whole world cheats and you have to be on the look out for it all the time.
Some friends criticized me, asked why I'd done it, and said, "It's no big deal, everyone cheats.