chat about

chat about (someone or something)

To talk about something, often casually or informally. Oh, you're not interrupting, we're just chatting about our kids—come on in! Do you have a minute to chat about this issue in the code?
See also: chat

chat about someone or something

to talk idly or informally about someone or something. We need to chat about Molly. I want to chat about your expenditures a little.
See also: chat
References in classic literature ?
We chat about old times; and now and then he takes me by the hand, and then we slip through the black bars of the grate and down the dusky glowing caves to the land that lies behind the firelight.
This naturally led to some pleasant chat about sciatica, fevers, chills, lung diseases, and bronchitis; and Harris said how very awkward it would be if one of us were taken seriously ill in the night, seeing how far away we were from a doctor.
Women tend to be more drawn to the topic areas of our chat rooms, so they will go and chat about what it's like to be an ex-Catholic, for example.
Public chats are open, ongoing text conversations based on instant messaging where users can meet new people and chat about anything they fancy.
Lycos users can chat about everything from Binaural, Pearl Jam's new album due out on May 16, to how the band got its name.
and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) New Media Network have formed a partnership that gives thousands of wrestling fans a place to chat about their favorite (and not so favorite) WWF talent 24-hours-a-day.