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chat (someone) up

1. To engage someone in lighthearted banter or casual conversation. I love chatting up tourists visiting our city, it gives you such diverse and interesting perspectives!
2. To engage in flirtatious conversation with someone, usually in pursuit of romantic or sexual purposes. I was chatting up this cute guy at the bar last night and managed to get his phone number! I hate when people chat me up in bars. I just want to have a nice time out with my friends!
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flat chat

1. adjective (sometimes hyphenated) Very busy; preoccupied with many different things at once. Primarily heard in Australia. Sorry I couldn't make it to lunch today, I've been flat chat with the kids all day. I've been so flat-chat at work that I barely have time to see my kids anymore.
2. adverb (sometimes hyphenated) At the greatest possible speed, efficiency, or power. Primarily heard in Australia. We drove that car flat chat out of town. The whole team is working flat-chat to get this project finished and perfect.
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A computer program that is able to interact with users and simulate human conservation. Is there any way for me to talk to an actual human, instead of a chatbot?

chat about someone or something

to talk idly or informally about someone or something. We need to chat about Molly. I want to chat about your expenditures a little.
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chat up

1. Talk flirtatiously to, as in Leave it to Charlie to chat up the girls. This usage is mostly but not entirely British. [Late 1800s]
2. Engage in light, friendly talk, as in He was soon chatting up all the board members. [Mid-1900s]
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chat up

1. To engage someone in light, casual talk, especially in order to gain his or her favor: The salesperson chatted us up for an hour before we finally decided to buy something. I chatted up the director, hoping to get a part in the film.
2. To talk amorously to someone, usually without serious intentions; flirt with someone: Many people go to the bar just to chat up the attractive bartenders. By their false smiles, we could tell they were coming over to chat us up.
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Offering mortgage-seeking consumers a simple and secure way to chat, in real time, directly and anonymously with a Loan Consultant from the Lender of their choice.
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