chase (one's) tail

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chase (one's) tail

To take action that is ineffectual and does not lead to progress. Refers to how a dog can exhaust itself by chasing its own tail. Come on, Bill, go to sleep. You're just chasing your tail at this point, but you might have a breakthrough with the research if you take a break from it. I'm trying not to chase my tail on this project, but so many components of it are just not working out.
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chase tail

slang To pursue or seek out sexual activity with someone. (Usually used by men to refer to women.) My brother always spends his weekends chasing tail in bars around town.
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chase your (own) tail

keep on doing something futile. informal
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chase your (own) ˈtail

be very busy but in fact achieve very little: In my first month at college I was continually chasing my own tail and being late for everything. ▶ ˈtail-chasing noun
If a dog or cat chases its tail, it runs round in circles trying to bite its own tail.
See also: chase, tail

chase (one's) tail

To exert oneself vigorously but ineffectually.
See also: chase, tail
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It is possible he has taken your attention to stop him chasing his tail as 'praise'.
27 having spent the past couple of weeks chasing his tail.
55) given he will not have Al Kazeem chasing his tail on this occasion.
The Farnborough he went to is three miles from Biggin Hill airport and he was chasing his tail trying to find his pilot.
When the puppy wasn't chasing his tail, his owners used a high rate of reinforcement for calm behavior, especially for lying quietly on his bed.
1 on the court as he had him chasing his tail at times, the sublime Spaniard said he still holds Federer in high regard, and backed his main rival to hit back.
He loves chasing his tail, playing fetch and curling up on the sofa with his owners Louise Mason-Crowe and Andrew Crowe, from Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough.
Unbeaten in two starts and bred to be a bit better than a handicapper, so the assessor might be chasing his tail with this filly for a little while yet
BAXTER, my adorable six-month-old West Highland Terrier, enjoys taking walks with his owner, stopping occasionally to sniff other dogs bottoms and napping in between chewing smelly socks, chasing his tail, eating questionable objects and digging dirt.
He has been forced to share his habitat with the stupidest mutt in existence, who spends hours chasing his tail, crashing into the furniture and barking without provocation.
Blackie, Grandma's dog, ran in circles chasing his tail in delight.
He's chasing his tail, and we are getting the bill.
QMY seven-month-old English Bull Terrier keeps going round in circles chasing his tail.
However, he could still be vulnerable to a strong finisher and if Hearthstead Wings, or anything else for that matter, is chasing his tail late on, I'll be looking to lay him in running.
Well, he thought he did, but really he was just chasing his tail around.