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it was evident the old man enjoyed the chase more as a memorial of his youthful sports and deeds than with any expectation of profiting by the success.
The Greek took both tiller and sheet and continued the chase around the Lancashire Queen, while I attended to Charley, on whose head a nasty lump was rapidly rising.
Not only had he been foiled in a long and ridiculous chase, but he had been knocked senseless into the bottom of his boat by the men who had escaped him.
Most of the time, everyone got along as the Chases tried to meld the foster children into their family activities by eating dinner together at the table instead of on trays in front of television, keeping to a schedule with limited privileges and a few chores.
That means Stewart, Kurt Busch and whoever wins this year's Chase would be in the future Chases no matter what.
According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), two of every five high-speed police chases in the U.
In fact, there have been so many chases since then most of them blend into a high-speed memory blur of Bond sequels, Joel Silver-produced buddy movies and weekly episodes of ``Miami Vice,'' ``The Dukes of Hazzard'' and kindred TV fuel-burners.
Police say freeway chases are on the rise, in great part because these live broadcasts encourage people to run from officers to get on television.
The card can also be used to conduct ATM transactions at over 1,500 Chase ATMs and to get cash at over 380,000 ATMs worldwide.
Power and Associates 1998 Comprehensive Credit Cardholder Satisfaction Study gave its highest customer satisfaction ranking for both Basic and Gold Cards to the Wal-Mart MasterCard from Chase (NYSE:CMB).
The Shell MasterCard from Chase has just become an even better deal for those who want to earn free Shell gasoline.
8, 1997--Chase Manhattan Bank announced the launch of Chase Platinum in both Visa and MasterCard versions, designed to meet the needs of upscale customers.
Under the terms of the joint venture formed in 1996, Chase originates Chase-branded student loans exclusively through the joint venture and Sallie Mae purchases and services those loans.
Chase put consumers in the driver's seat today, offering more choice, flexibility and ways to earn rewards with the new Chase Freedom Card.