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The trouble started one Sunday morning when Nathan Scrubbs, an operative, has one too many pepper vodka Bloody Marys to chase away the blues.
Vintners Bill and Brenda Murphy chose the hummingbird as the symbol for the winery due to its territorial nature and ability to chase away other grape-eating creatures from the vineyards.
The wildlife officers are usually called in to chase away wild elephants which stray into villages and damage crops, houses and at time kill or injure people.
In his words, the long period of return on investments and the price fluctuations of the equipment are combined with the lack of certainty and clarity with respect to the development of Bulgarian infrastructure and energy market regulations to chase away investors in renewable energy.
Staff at Charnwood Water said water bailiffs repeatedly had to chase away groups fishing without a licence.
But I'm grateful to my neighbours for helping to chase away the youths.
Perhaps he should encourage them at every Eleventh Night to chase away the spirits.
Oh would those days return again, And chase away this endless rain, Then we would feel once more the sun, And through the trees we'd laugh and run.
Yet when his grim new master treats him badly for refusing to chase away rabbits, Piper runs away and searches the big city for a place where he can be appreciated.
In another bird-related project, the landfill for years has used falcons provided by a San Fernando Valley-based trainer to chase away sea gulls at the dump.
Don't just say `Oh,later on',just do it right away Love is: When they smile again after shedding many tears To guide them when they're frightened And chase away their fears Love is: Just a part of happy family life Love is: Being a grand ad With a grandma for my wife
The little boy's father and neighbours dashed to the field to chase away the cows.
The raiders chase away the original farmers but don't fertilize the farm.
Though the love stories of celebrities may initially draw readers to the book, it would be a mistake to pass over the tales of how some not-so-famous couples managed to keep their relationships afloat under conditions that would chase away even of the most die-hard romantics.
The court heard Miss Collins regularly walked her two cats, and had carried a golf club to chase away passing dogs.