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chart out

To establish a plan, method, or course for something. After Rose's surgery, the doctor will chart out a treatment plan for her ongoing physical therapy. Mom and dad are still charting out a course for our road trip.
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chart something out (for someone or something)

to lay out a plan or course for someone or something. The navigator charted the course out for the captain. The captain charted out the course for us.
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off the charts

1. much more than is usual Basketball's TV income is already off the charts.
2. much better than usual Groncki's newest restaurant is totally off the charts.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of chart (a way of presenting numbers or information in vertical rows)
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n. a musical score. (see also map.) Come on, man! Look at the chart! You’re making clinkers like hot cakes.


n. the trade magazine rankings of current pop music. The big one is back on the charts this week. Give it a listen.
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