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third time's a charm

The belief or hope that the third attempt at something will be successful. Primarily heard in US. I hope the third time's a charm—I've already failed this test twice already!
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charm the pants off (one)

To please and entice one, often in an attempt to yield a desired result. The school really tried to charm the pants off me during my visit this weekend, but I'm still not interested in going there.
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charm (someone) with (something)

To enthrall and interest someone with something. During my visit this weekend, the school tried to charm me with activities and future internship opportunities, but I'm still just not interested in going there. She's no fool, so you'll have a hard time charming her with money alone.
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work like a charm

To work very well or be exceptionally effective. This new software works like a charm. I barely had to do anything and the image is perfect. I read about some negotiating techniques before the big budget meeting, and I have to say that they actually worked like a charm!
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charm someone with something

to enchant or fascinate someone with something. He charmed her with stories of his house on the beach. She charmed him with her bright smile.
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charm the pants off someone

Fig. to use very charming behavior to persuade someone to do something. (Use with caution.) She is so nice. She just charms the pants off you. He will try to charm the pants off you, but you can still refuse to take the job if you don't want to do it.
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third time's the charm

Prov. The third time you try to do something, it will work. Jill: I've called Miriam twice, but she doesn't answer her phone. Jane: Try again. The third time's the charm.
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charm the pants off

see under pants off.
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pants off, the

This phrase is used to intensify the meaning of verbs such as bore or charm or kid or scare or talk . For example, That speech bored the pants off us, or It was a real tornado and scared the pants off me. Playwright Eugene O'Neill used it in Ah, Wilderness! (1933): "I tell you, you scared the pants off him," and Evelyn Waugh, in A Handful of Dust (1934), had a variation, "She bores my pants off." [Colloquial; early 1900s] Also see bore to death; beat the pants off.
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work like a charm

Function very well, have a good effect or outcome, as in That knife-sharpener works like a charm, or Her deferential manner worked like a charm; he agreed to everything they'd asked for. This expression uses charm in the sense of "a magic spell." [Mid-1800s] Also see work wonders.
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work like a charm

If something works like a charm, it is very successful or effective. Our little arrangement worked like a charm. The medicine worked like a charm and my life has greatly improved.
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work like a charm

be completely successful or effective.
Charm here means a magic spell or lucky talisman.
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ˌwork like a ˈcharm

(informal) quickly have the effect you want; work like magic: I don’t know what she said to him, but it worked like a charm — he’s much more cooperative now.
A charm is a small object that is believed to bring good luck, or words believed to have magic power.
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work like a charm

To function very well or have a very good effect or outcome.
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The Essence Collection is also more special because the bangles, bracelets and charms in the series have hidden messages that the wearer can turn to as the hustle and bustle of the season revs up.
The wedding bells were probably the last charm added, with the hobby of collecting charms pushed aside when she started a family.
Toy chain The Entertainer has removed the charms from all of its stores including the Middlesbrough branch.
I sent each of the writers a different charm to write a lyric to.
The quality of these charms had started to decline by the late 1960s due to increased mass production, and you generally find that good and poor charms tend to rub shoulders on bracelets dating from this period.
My nan's bracelet, which is packed to the rafters with silver charms, dates from this period - my grandpa even found her one charm of a church with a spooky magnifying bit in, which when you peep through it you can see a tiny wee version of the Lord's Prayer.
What sets them apart from mass-produced culinary tomes is their hometown charm and history.
And a recent Ross-Simons catalog had a couple of wine-charm giveaways: choose a set of four crystal stems (select patterns from Gorham, Lenox and Mikasa) and receive four free metal wine charms, or get six free charms with sets of eight Waterford Marquis tasting stems.
The Charms use a great many Latin words and many corrupt words which were probably Latin to begin with; but the art of the Charms is so chaotic that no patterns in their use of Latin words can be determined.
The event is clean and comprehensive, in that all points where the Bs and the charms were produced fall within the detector.
Through August 31st, patrons who purchase any two charms will receive a complimentary sterling silver Forged Link Charm Bracelet valued at $49.
Pandora's charms are like Pringles-once you pop, you can't stop.
LOOM band charms have been taken off shelves in a Middlesbrough store after tests on similar products found they contained cancercausing chemicals.
com)-- N-Style ID, a leading manufacturer of medical jewelry, today announced the addition of a new medical bangle charm bracelet to their growing line of jewelry for medical patients -- along with necklaces, charms, ID tags, and other accessories for men, women, kids and teens.
DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS: We're a fine jewelry store specializing in one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find items, custom and designer jewelry, thousands of charms and Gemological Institute of America and European Gemological Laboratory certified diamonds.