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third time's a charm

The belief or hope that the third attempt at something will be successful. Primarily heard in US. I hope the third time's a charm—I've already failed this test twice already!
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charm someone with something

to enchant or fascinate someone with something. He charmed her with stories of his house on the beach. She charmed him with her bright smile.
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charm the pants off someone

Fig. to use very charming behavior to persuade someone to do something. (Use with caution.) She is so nice. She just charms the pants off you. He will try to charm the pants off you, but you can still refuse to take the job if you don't want to do it.
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third time's the charm

Prov. The third time you try to do something, it will work. Jill: I've called Miriam twice, but she doesn't answer her phone. Jane: Try again. The third time's the charm.
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work like a charm

to operate perfectly The modem is easy to install and works like a charm in my computer.
Related vocabulary: like a dream
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work like a charm

if a plan or method works like a charm, it has exactly the effect that you want it to I tried that stain remover you gave me on my tablecloth and it worked like a charm.
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charm the pants off

see under pants off.
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pants off, the

This phrase is used to intensify the meaning of verbs such as bore or charm or kid or scare or talk . For example, That speech bored the pants off us, or It was a real tornado and scared the pants off me. Playwright Eugene O'Neill used it in Ah, Wilderness! (1933): "I tell you, you scared the pants off him," and Evelyn Waugh, in A Handful of Dust (1934), had a variation, "She bores my pants off." [Colloquial; early 1900s] Also see bore to death; beat the pants off.
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work like a charm

Function very well, have a good effect or outcome, as in That knife-sharpener works like a charm, or Her deferential manner worked like a charm; he agreed to everything they'd asked for. This expression uses charm in the sense of "a magic spell." [Mid-1800s] Also see work wonders.
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work like a charm

To function very well or have a very good effect or outcome.
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The Prince's former wife, the Duchess of Pork, then came home from one of her many holidays abroad to say the story was indeed a fairytale and Charmless was the greatest man who'd ever lived in the whole wide world.
That's the charmless scenario played out between chart-topper Dido this week and chart officials after she was wrongly named in the shortlist for this year's Brit Awards The star has been ousted from the best newcomer category and replaced by singer songwriter Tom McRae.
The usually impeccable director Nicholas Martin miscast the charmless Olek Krupa as the amorous shopkeeper who courts Leona.
The result is touchingly nostalgic: many years have gone by since I have seen so heartfelt a championing of, for example, John Carl Warnecke & Associates' Hennepin County Government Centre in Minneapolis of 1977 -- a vast, stolid and at first sight charmless construction if ever there was one.
Unfortunate for Matt whose charmless repartee was rewarded on the big reveal as his chosen girl exclaimed in horror: "Oh my God, you look like Frankie Cocozza," and didn't show on their date.
Shame on the BBC for networking such a charmless parochial comedy.
Not that they have anything against that noble club, it's just a long and charmless trek down to the Gills' base in Kent.
So did lying Lorraine Tighe and charmless dominatrix Debra Barr.
Quite what all these women see in the charmless ginger nut is a mystery.
Our Danny boy made a rather charmless spectacle of himself grunting, swearing and muttering monosyllabically throughthe London press conference to announce taking on the Bond mantle.
This two-storey American-themed warehouse is the most charmless bar (sorry, entertainment experience
I'm afraid the adjectives that suggested themselves to me were charmless and interminable.
The Valley, with its tract homes and often charmless modernism, was Public Enemy No.
Kartner Strasse in western Graz was once the main road to Klagenfurt, but it is now a charmless multi-lane traffic artery forever filled with roaring vehicles, and lined with solitary object buildings and display hoardings which compete with one another for attention.