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charity mugger

Someone who approaches passersby to collect donations or set up standing orders with them for a charity to whom he or she is employed. The charity muggers in this town are so tenacious, and they make you feel like a horrible person if you don't contribute something!
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Vermont charity

An expression of sympathy, especially when more tangible assistance is needed. A: "I'm so sorry that you still have so much work left to do." B: "Don't give me Vermont charity—grab a paint brush, and help me out here!"
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Charity begins at home.

Prov. You should take care of family and people close to you before you worry about helping others. I don't think our church should worry so much about a foreign relief fund when there are people in need right here in our city. Charity begins at home. If you really want to make the world a better place, start by being polite to your sister. Charity begins at home.
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Charity begins at home.

something that you say which means you should try to help your family and friends before you help other people You ought to stay in and look after your father. Charity begins at home.
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charity begins at home

Be generous to your family before helping others. For example, She spends hours and hours on volunteer work and neglects the children, forgetting that charity begins at home . This proverb was first recorded in English, in slightly different form, in John Wycliffe's Of Prelates (c. 1380); "Charity should begin at himself."
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To an extent this was reflected in the type of charities with which many of them chose to become associated.
Although the principles of investing are similar for charities as they are for many organisations, there are a whole host of factors to consider.
By the end of the nine-day event, charity efforts at Barrett-Jackson raised a total of $4,168,500 for local and national charities.
Charity investment specialist Jeffrey Ball said the awards are about helping North-east charities to raise their profile and garner support in the region.
It found that almost two-thirds (65%) of respondents agree that loans can help charities further their mission, but the survey revealed that charities often struggle to obtain loan finance from high street banks on terms that are appropriate to their circumstances.
The association argues that the proposals could severely cut the income of Welsh charities, increase the number of empty shops and cut jobs and volunteering opportunities in Wales.
There are over 80,000 Canadian charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and volunteers play a key role in the operation and running of these organizations.
John Low, chief executive of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), says: "It's really encouraging that despite sharp rises in cost of living, more people are supporting charities.
Local charities will submit applications to be part of the initiative then customers and friends of the Suburban Collection will be given the chance to vote for their favorite charity via Facebook.
The Charity Commission is waiting for important information from nearly 300 of the city's 1,147 registered charities.
As the trust's income greatly exceeded these monthly payments, the remaining income was divided among several charities.
The public benefit concept is not spelled out in the bill and will be determined by the Charities Commission, an independent charities regulator for England and Wales.
PALMDALE -- United Desert Charities is sponsoring a ``Support Our Local Charities'' event at the July 9 Lancaster JetHawks minor-league baseball game.
Despite official Vatican policy denouncing adoption by gays as "violence" against children, several Catholic Charities offices are helping same-sex couples to adopt.
The Indian government was an unreliable recipient for donations, he said, while other charities in India are run by Christian evangelists.