channel off

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channel (something) off

1. To remove or redirect something, usually a liquid, through a channel. You move things to higher ground while I try to channel some of this water off.
2. To squander resources, such as money or time. Look, the company won't give us any more money for this initiative if those guys keep channeling it off.
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channel something off

1. Lit. to drain off water or some other liquid through a channel. The front yard is flooded, and we will have to channel the water off. Let's channel off the water before it gets too deep.
2. Fig. to drain off or waste energy, money, effort, etc. Unemployment channeled their resources off. The war channeled off most of the resources of the country.
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On the River Mersey, anglers taking the tide in their stride and walking out over the gully and fishing the rock channel off the sandbank have had some interesting fishing off New Brighton.
Moonves has previously said that CBS would consider taking its free broadcast channel off the air and turning it into a cable network if Aereo prevails.
The ferry was carrying 870 people when it collided with the cargo ship MV Sulpicio Express 7 as they passed a narrow channel off the port of Talisay City.
Also in January, the government of Spain asked the country's major satellite provider Hispasat to take an Iranian satellite channel off the air in a blatant violation of freedom of speech.
The investigating team of the Philippines' National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) team did not say if the findings could show that the Philippine Coast Guard used excessive force during its encounter with the Taiwanese fishing vessel at the Balinting channel off Batanes in northern Luzon on May 9, attorney Daniel Daganzo, leader of the NBI team, told GMA News, a TV outfit.
The Bailiwick of Guernsey is a British Crown dependency, but not part of the United Kingdom, in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy.
80s 1981 More than 200 passengers were rescued from a jetfoil today after it was in collision with a Swedish-registered freighter in the English Channel off Calais.
As you saw out there the widest it got was into that 10 channel off set-pieces because two or three transfers takes a lot of time in those sort of conditions.
Taking this sectarian-oriented channel off the air is a big relief to all peace-loving people across the world in general and the people of Bahrain in particular.
Thousands poured into BRIGHTON, where temperatures reached 26uC, and dogs chilled in the Channel off SOUTHSEA.
Gaddafi has routinely addressed his supporters from state Libyan television, but the rebels have taken the channel off the air on Tuesday.
Earlier this month the French government ordered Paris-based Eutelsat to take the channel off the air after receiving a complaint from the European Commission that it violated rules on incitement.
Earlier this month, the French government ordered Eutelsat, which broadcasts Al-Aqsa through an agreement with Bahrain-based Noorsat, to take the channel off the air after receiving a complaint from the European Commission that it violated rules on incitement.
Authorities had entered the station and seized equipment that took the channel off air, saying it was inciting violence.
May 13 German Admiral Karl Donitz loses the eldest of his two sons when the Free French destroyer La Combattante sinks Eboat S147 in the English Channel off Selsea Bill.