channel in

channel something in

 (to something)
1. Lit. to divert water or other liquid through a channel into something. The farmer channeled the irrigation water into the field.
2. Fig. to divert something, such as energy, money, effort, into something. The government channeled a great deal of money into rebuilding the inner part of the city. I can't channel any more of our workforce into this project.
See also: channel
References in classic literature ?
The last of a strong ebb was running out in channel in the teeth of an ocean breeze of forty miles an hour.
STUDENT CAUSED AN UPROAR ON CAMPUS BY APPEARING on the college's student-run, closed-circuit TV channel in blackface.
Additionally, FOX News also operates FOX News Channel (FNC), the number one cable news channel in the United States for more than four years, FOXNews.
The Arkeia Partner JumpStart Program is the first step in this new strategy, and we will continue to invest in the channel in 2006 and beyond.
ITV1 is the most popular commercial television channel in Britain, watched on average by 45 million people every week.
We were looking for a solution that lets us measure our online channel in the same way we measure our catalog," said Lillian Vernon, Chief Executive Officer at Lillian Vernon.
Prior to joining Disney Channel in 1997, Sanderson was vice president of Promotion Marketing for FX Networks Inc.