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Yet he was not satisfied with his conclusion, and when he found himself on the inside, he talked quickly and earnestly, making a show of being carried away by what he was saying, so that, in case he was wrong in not changing sides, his enthusiasm would seem the cause for his carelessness.
We were now upon a sort of green cattle-track which crossed the hills towards Torosay, and we kept changing sides upon that like
For us it was important to play quicker, sharper, with more penetration, changing sides quicker and putting them more under pressure.
The second match was a close affair with the lead constantly changing sides.
The film had the character of the " Jai Maharashtra" politico declaring flamboyantly that he didn't care about deviation from ideology and subsequent loss of reputation, as the politics of vote banks is a business and there is always the option of changing sides to another vote bank.
But an enthusiastic Susannah seems to be changing sides.
It's the kind of debate where you'll keep changing sides.
has enjoyed a warm relationship with Religious Right groups like the Family Research Council in the past--but that came to screeching halt July 29 when Frist announced he is changing sides on the issue of stem-cell research.
Making the case more complicated for Sandra is that her former friend police Lieutenant Dennis Truman heads the investigation and he still considers her a turncoat for changing sides so he is uncooperative.
When I get up there, my first week in office I'm going to call those kids over, those fellows over in the Justice Department, and say, 'Listen, as of today you are changing sides,' " said Buchanan.
Fans of single player gaming will be treated to an innovative twist in the "Campaign" mode that has them changing sides throughout the game's 48 missions, which are interspersed with dozens of cinematic cutscenes.
He twinkles genially while two teams, captained by Marcus Brigstocke and Rufus Hound, debate the hot potatoes of the day - sometimes changing sides mid-sentence.
But the detective chief inspector turned into a despised figure when he was caught changing sides in the war on crime.
Players will find themselves immersed in the story being told in the single-player game with dozens of cinematic cutscenes, control of specialized and unique characters, and an innovative twist in the campaign mode that has players changing sides throughout the story.