change (someone's) mind

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change (someone's) mind

To convince someone to think differently about something. You can try all you want, but you're not changing my mind about going to that party! I need to change my teacher's mind about me. I swear I'm not a slacker, but that's what she thinks!
See also: change, mind

change someone's mind

to cause a person to think differently (about someone or something). Tom thought Mary was unkind, but an evening out with her changed his mind. I can change my mind if you convince me that you are right.
See also: change, mind

change (one's) mind

To reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision.
See also: change, mind
References in classic literature ?
Then the Ass, seeing all these things, changed his mind, and commiserated the Horse.
Pierre looked over his spectacles with naive surprise, now at him and now at her, moved as if about to rise too, but changed his mind.
On seeing her, he would have risen, but changed his mind, then his face flushed hotly--a thing Anna had never seen before, and he got up quickly and went to meet her, looking not at her eyes, but above them at her forehead and hair.
He told me he thought the life of an army horse was very pleasant; but when it came to being sent abroad over the sea in a great ship, he almost changed his mind.
There's no doubt he changed his mind," Hughton told the Argus.
But McDonnell said he had changed his mind on tactics but not on needing to tackle the deficit.
Last week when out shopping, a man collared me in a store to ask my advice as staff would only give him a credit note not a refund for the jumper he'd bought and changed his mind on - even though he had the receipt.
The 54-year-old music mogul has changed his mind and has told his pregnant girlfriend that he doesn't want to miss such an important moment and has decided to get over his phobia of delivery suites, the Daily Star reported.
HUDDERSFIELD MP Barry Sheerman has changed his mind about gay marriage.
But now I desperately want a baby and he hasn't changed his mind.
MANCHESTER UNITED were close to appointing Sven Goran Eriksson as Sir Alex Ferguson's successor in February 2002 when the Glaswegian changed his mind about retiring.
But he changed his mind after reading our story and will complete a smaller version of the pounds 500,000 painting instead.
He said he had changed his mind overnight, so who knows, maybe he was going to pick us but then decided not to.
If Kris spent a bit more time thinking about it, he might have changed his mind, maybe it was a quick reaction to how he feels.
McCarthy confirmed reports that Eastwood had been on the brink of a possible deadline day loan move to the Sky Blues, but said that he changed his mind, also refuting angry claims from City boss Chris Coleman that the decision had been taken higher up the Molineux hierarchy.