change ways

change your ways

also mend your ways
to improve your behavior If he wants to continue living here, he's going to have to change his ways.
See also: change, way

change/mend your ways

to improve the way in which you behave If he wants to carry on living here, he's going to have to change his ways.
See also: change, way
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The SDC is actively involved in efforts to change ways of thinking in that regard, and supports a wide range of structures that help the victims.
The post Discussions to change ways of mediating loan restructuring appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
They influenced people in such a way that people started believing that they will really change ways, thoughts and means of the system, but they are exposed now.
Therefore, it is now up to the US president to change ways, alter methods, and provide for new appropriate atmospheres for holding dialogues," he said.
There is no way forward for the council under the current system, and we have got to change ways of doing things.
But let us all realize that to change ways of thinking by students, we must first change the ways of thinking by teachers.
The new technology allows accurate, automatic translation of emails, documents and web pages instantly, without the need to cut and paste or to change ways of working.
Flexible to the service, able to be multi-skilled, work holistically, patient-centred, a team worker recognising your own limitations but not being afraid to push out boundaries and seek and change ways of working to benefit the patient.
It's time for these companies to change ways and commit to their employees' families, not just their family dogs," added Jacques.
stressed the need to change ways of thinking about diversity.