change over

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change over (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

to convert from something to something else; to convert from someone to someone else. We decided to change over from oil to gas heat. We changed over to gas from oil.
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Serena revealed the secrets of the little piece of paper she kept looking at between change overs.
Again patented, this machine will allow you to run either EPDM or with some minor change overs, TPE.
The machine will keep all the statistics on the match being played, tell the umpire when time is up at the change overs and remind him when it's time to change the balls.
While both mid-engine and 911 sports car sales were about one-third lower than in the previous year due to the combination of eroding consumer confidence and model change overs, the Cayenne range of high-end SUVs essentially held their own with sales off just 11 percent from a record 2007.
The system will be capable of running at speeds of 70 per minute with fast change overs and the flexibility to run a wide range of different products on the same machine.