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So with a mock groan which made her laugh again, Neddy ordered the champagne.
The Silent Man seemed even more clumsy than usual, and drank champagne with regularity and determination out of sheer nervousness.
Athos filled a beaker with champagne and gave it to him.
I had the more frequent recourse to champagne in that I constantly felt depressed and bored, owing to the fact that I was living in the most bourgeois commercial milieu imaginable--a milieu wherein every sou was counted and grudged.
Her relatives considered that the penury of her table discredited the Mingott name, which had always been associated with good living; but people continued to come to her in spite of the "made dishes" and flat champagne, and in reply to the remonstrances of her son Lovell (who tried to retrieve the family credit by having the best chef in New York) she used to say laughingly: "What's the use of two good cooks in one family, now that I've married the girls and can't eat sauces?
I saw one case holding four dozen of champagne smashed all to bits, and there was the champagne fizzing and boiling about in the bottom of the dirty cargo boat.
He had ordered champagne and when it came her eyes sparkled.
Gentlemen, wouldn't you like a little champagne now?
On the crimson padded seat of the balloon there lay a couple of rugs and a Kodak, and in opposite corners of the bottom of the car were an empty champagne bottle and a glass.
Planting her feet wide, Helen contrived to pour champagne into a tumbler with a tooth-brush in it.
In a year's time I will be teaching you how to dine - to drink champagne, to - by the way, Trent, have you ever tasted champagne?
A waiter appeared with the next course, followed by the wine steward, carrying champagne.
Please take me into the other room," she said "I want a glass of champagne, and on the way you can tell me all about America.
In the novels, all the naughty people take champagne and oysters.
I have not had a better supper ordered this half-year than they ordered last night; and so easy and good-humoured were they, that they found no fault with my Worcestershire perry, which I sold them for champagne; and to be sure it is as well tasted and as wholesome as the best champagne in the kingdom, otherwise I would scorn to give it 'em; and they drank me two bottles.