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challenge the status quo

To behave or do something in a way contrary to that which is generally accepted or expected. I love this filmmaker, his movies really challenge the status quo! It can be risky, but challenging the status quo can be a great way to get ahead in business.
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challenge someone on something

to dispute someone's statement, remarks, or position. I think Fred is wrong, but I won't challenge him on his estimate.
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challenge someone to something

to dare someone to do something; to invite someone to compete at something. I challenge you to a round of golf. Jerry challenged us to a debate of the issues.
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rise to the challenge

Fig. to accept a challenge. (Usually in reference to success with the challenge.) You can depend on Kelly to rise to the challenge. We were not able to rise to the challenge and we lost the contract.
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take up the challenge

to respond to a challenge and do what the challenge asks. I am not prepared to take the challenge up. Dave took up the challenge without much urging.
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References in classic literature ?
It is,'' replied the Prior; ``and the blessed relic and rich chain will I bestow safely in the treasury of our convent, until the decision of this, warlike challenge.
The old bulls paid no attention to his boastful words, but the eight who had volunteered to accompany him were filled with self-pride so that they stood around vaingloriously beating upon their breasts, baring their fangs and screaming their hideous challenge until the jungle reverberated to the horrid sound.
All this time Bertha Kircher was a wide-eyed and terrified spectator to what, as she thought, could end only in a terrific battle between these frightful beasts, and when Zu-tag and his followers began screaming forth their fearsome challenge, the girl found herself trembling in terror, for of all the sounds of the jungle there is none more awe inspiring than that of the great bull ape when he issues his challenge or shrieks forth his victory cry.
A sentry stood at the iron gates and passed Major Thomson after a perfunctory challenge.
Van Horn had had no intention of going ashore, and that he went ashore at the black chief's insolent challenge was merely a matter of business.
A few stones were thrown at long distances, and words of challenge passed between small warriors.
Such were his thoughts when he returned to the coffee-room, and intimated his intention of accepting the doctor's challenge.
The honour of that uniform I feel bound to maintain, and I therefore, without inquiry, accepted the challenge which you offered me.
The organization has several other challenges to faith-based programs under way.
While the average rate of reduction in assessments from challenges was 15 percent, more than one in five companies achieved savings greater than 20 percent.
That seems to be the consensus, anyway, of some knowledgeable industry observers interviewed by NURSING HOMES Associate Editor David Patterson, who asked them to assess the Clinton plan, the prospects for industry growth and the challenges nursing homes face to achieve it.
As expected, among the most high-profile challenges are a joint one from defeated presidential candidate Valerie Harper and victorious candidates Elliot Gould and Kent McCord, elected recording secretary and treasurer, respectively.
All City Challenges are to be opened only after entering the city limits of said city.
The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) has published a report on the key challenges facing today's real estate management professionals as well as some practical suggestions and best practices for addressing them.
The NAIDC challenges dairy science students to apply theory and learning to actual dairy operations while working as part of a team," says Stanley Bird, NAIDC steering committee member with Imagination Unlimited Consulting Group, New Brighton, Minn.