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in. to smoke cigarette after cigarette. (As if each cigarette were a link in a chain.) I never wanted to chain-smoke, but I got addicted.
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The series stars Jennifer Saunders (Edina) and Joanna Lumley (Patsy) as two 40-something chain-smoking, over-the-top trend chasers who take the London fashion scene by storm.
When ministers and councillors speak about 'rights',' they should remember that other people have the right to be free from intolerance of some smokers who not content with intervals, keep on chain-smoking all through a performance or film.
The report further said that although LA club-goers have reported watching the Chelsea defender chain-smoking on nights out, but the new pictures show Cole smoking a cigarette in the middle of the day.
Think predictable melodies, cliched lyrics and vocals suggesting a chain-smoking Rod Stewart, all of which contributed to making the performance wholly underwhelming.
And it's not a photo that will impress Kate's boyfriend Jamie Hince - it was Jamie who compared his lovely girlfriend to Kathy Burke's foul-mouthed chain-smoking slob in the first place.
Actor Ricky Tomlinson played her husband in the soap, as well as in the award winning Royle Family, where Johnston was chain-smoking mother Barbara Royle.
Chain-smoking, with a picture of him at her side at home in Niksic, there was no pity for those killed or bereaved because of her son's actions.
CHAIN-SMOKING gaffer Cesar Luis Menotti is still going strong at 68 and last week took charge at Mexican side Tecos UAG.
There's no way to do a biopic about the chain-smoking Edward R.
Characters like Joanna Lumley's chain-smoking Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous would no longer be able to light up under legislation prohibiting smoking in all enclosed public places from next summer.
After reading Alison Stokes referring to Charlotte Church as a 'foul-mouthed, boozy, chain-smoking teenager', I was disgusted to see further down the review that she described her as a typical Cardiff teenager
Clooney (who plays Murrow's producer, Fred Friendly, in a supporting role) clearly has something of a romantic fetish for this kind of classic, chain-smoking, man's man thing, having updated it with the two ``Ocean's'' movies and now with this throwback.
The 31 year-old quickly gained a reputation as a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking dole scrounger, but now she wants to prove she can be hard-working.
The couple split - as The People revealed last month - after the Channel 4 show opened Jason's eyes to what a disaster his idle, 20-stone, chain-smoking partner had become.
The central idea of the clumsily contrived script by Martin Sherman (Bent) and Zeffirelli is that pill-popping, self-pitying recluse Callas gets coaxed by her gay long-time manager-booking agent (Jeremy Irons, chain-smoking, ponytailed, and livelier than usual) into making a film of Carmen in which she will lipsynch to recordings made during her vocal prime.