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in. to smoke cigarette after cigarette. (As if each cigarette were a link in a chain.) I never wanted to chain-smoke, but I got addicted.
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She sipped champagne, chain-smoked and had a blast with several gal pals at the French bistro Pistache until 3:20 a.
She chain-smoked and chucked back cocktails at Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Jelly night in LA before pulling off her top.
How could viewers vote for a celebrity who chain-smoked his way through the show to be crowned King of the Jungle?
Platt, 50, claims that his former downstairs neighbors, who moved out several months ago, chain-smoked until his $175,000 unit was so permeated by the smell that he has had trouble selling it.
The Hole singer broke the news as she chain-smoked cigarettes.
The often-profane author, who practically chain-smoked cigars and enjoyed his Scotch whisky, was not always patient with his fellow citizens, referring to the church he attended, which drew many insurance executives, as ``The Church of the Holy Speculators.