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chain smoke

To smoke cigarettes continuously, such that one begins a new cigarette as (or almost as) soon as the last one is extinguished. My grandmother died of emphysema after chain smoking for most of her adult life.
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in. to smoke cigarette after cigarette. (As if each cigarette were a link in a chain.) I never wanted to chain-smoke, but I got addicted.
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It's incomprehensible to me how the producers and director of this delightful picture allowed the angel to chain-smoke throughout the whole movie.
Revived from a suicide, he knows he will eventually go down there, but in the meantime he's hoping for a reprieve for keeping the planet safe from Satan's pals while he chain-smokes himself to an imminent death.
Jeanne Moreau chain-smokes and listens to Billie Holiday records while humiliating her lover in glorious black and white.
He says stuff like, ``Let's fidget with the digit,'' writes on a manual typewriter and chain-smokes like there's, well, no tomorrow.
Bruce (Lin Shaye, last seen as Cameron Diaz's sun-broiled neighbor in ``There's Something About Mary''), a God-fearing single mother who's obviously a hypocrite because she chain-smokes.
I remember watching `Reality Bites' and every character in it chain-smokes.