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She said her mother was a chain smoker while she was growing up.
Surely it would be legitimate to point out that an anti-tobacco activist was a chain smoker, that an opponent of legalized gambling liked to play the slots, or that an anti-porn crusader was fond of dirty movies.
As soon as we are seated the manager comes over and asks us to move as the table is reserved, we then sit at the bar next to chain smoker so move again.
Love and tobacco tempted Gregory in his college years in the form of Lucy Hinton, a chain smoker who had attempted to seduce him with both her body and her butts: "She could lick smoke from the corner of her mouth like sugar .
Reporters like to humanize the material, so if you're a chain smoker or a knuckle cracker, you may read about it the next day.
Countering her charges, Bunty had told the police at a family counselling centre that Arianne was a chain smoker and roamed around with some youths in the area.
A FORMER chain smoker determined to quit fags for good arrivei d in Livei rpool as part of his mammoth challenge to run 28 miles a day for 28 f consecutivei days.
Nanda was inspired to make a high quality, affordable e-cigarette by a friend, a longtime chain smoker that knew he had to change when his three-year-old daughter told him he "smelled awful.
Midfielder Guild always expected the Dons to upstage him but didn't expect to be overshadowed by a 51-yearold chain smoker.
The speaker, a chain smoker, then quipped, "Somebody [Michelle] won't let you do it.
Manila: A senior cabinet member and an opposition lawmaker have advised Philippines President Benigno Aquino, a chain smoker, to take a vacation and undergo an executive check-up after he cancelled several events due to ill health.
The former chain smoker had part of his right lung removed in December 1996 to stop a cancerous growth.
AASHAYEIN (12A) Verdict: DIRECTOR: Nagesh Kukunoor STARRING: John Abraham , Shreyas Talpade THE PLOT: Living a reckless life, Rahul (John) is a gambler and chain smoker.
The singer had gone into a coma after not being able to breathe due to being a chain smoker.
He's 57 but looks older, as he's a heavy drinker and a chain smoker.