chain down

chain someone or something down

to fasten someone or something down with chains. They chained down the the bicycle rack so no one could steal it. We chained the tool-shed down so a strong wind would not blow it over.
See also: chain, down
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Free Range 180 was "unique", he said, in that it adds value, beginning at the farmgate and filtering all the way through the milk chain down to the customer.
The shock admission that Tesco's most recent profits warning to the City in August was much too optimistic sent shares in Britain's biggest supermarket chain down by as much as 11% to their lowest level in a decade.
Additionally serialization of each unit provides companies visibility into their supply chain down to the unit level of every event, as well as providing visibility for optimal inventory forecasting.
The business suffered during Britain's frozen start to the year, with like-for-like sales at its Wickes DIY chain down by 6.
Appeals have been issued to persuade vicars and priests to increase security - to chain down lecterns, fit burglar alarms and closed-circuit TV, spray anti-climb paint, timed lighting devices, put wire mesh on windows, and anti-fire coating on stained glass.
Most contingent business interruption insurance is triggered by physical damage, but supply chain insurance is intended to cover a wide range of triggers, fuel shortages, transportation bottlenecks and other occurrences that don't result in direct physical damage to the original equipment manufacturer but that nevertheless shut its supply chain down.
The Record can reveal that the closure of 26 Haldanes stores, half of them north of the Border, comes within months of the firm launching the UGO cut-price chain down south with 20 stores in England.
Bernard Chaus also plans to integrate all of its company data and link to overseas manufacturing facilities in order to create a comprehensive view of the entire supply chain down to the actual cutting of piece goods.
If you are in the process of buying or selling property, an unforeseen glitch can slow the chain down, so ensure you keep on the tail of all those concerned.
The Commerce Ministry's Competition and Consumer Protection Service submitted its report on the cost of milk throughout the production chain down to the distribution and retail last Friday.
It seemed odd to me that they did not chain down the bird.
But his trading update did little for confidence ahead of yesterday's statement from Sainsbury's, with shares in the supermarket chain down 5% or 19.
Slowing the chain down will increase torque and improve performance.
The firm wrapped up a deal to buy 200 former Unwins stores just days after administrators closed the chain down.